Understanding the Meanings of Alpha’s Credentials

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When you are shopping for top-quality windows and doors for your home, one of the first things you will want to do is check the company’s credentials. While you may understand the meaning of some of these terms, you might not be so clear on others. Nevertheless, listed below are three of the main credentials you should look for and the meanings of each.

DAB Hurricane Master Authorized Dealeralpha impact windows credentials2

DAB is a business located in Southern Florida that is dedicated to manufacturing hurricane-strength garage doors. Their revolutionary approach to hurricane-resistant doors has set them apart from any other businesses in the industry. When a windows and doors company is an authorized dealer of these products, you can be sure that you are getting the best garage doors possible.

Additionally, high impact windows come in a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from making it quite simple to find windows that will enhance your storefront. Furthermore, impact windows are easy to clean and maintain making them virtually vandalism-resistant. No longer will you need to spend hours upon hours cleaning up graffiti.

LEAD Certified Contractor

When a business boasts that it is a LEAD certified contractor or a lead-safe certified firm, it means that they have acquired the necessary training and passed state requirements, which allows them to remove lead-based paint from your home. This is an essential practice for any home built before 1978. LEAD certified also means that the contractor has met all of the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Exclusive Wood Doors Authorized Dealer

Exclusive Wood Doors is a manufacturer located in Miami that produces attractive solid wood doors for your home. Their highly-skilled craftsmen create beautiful hand-carved doors using solid oak or mahogany from South American forests. Combined with sophisticated technology to create hurricane-strength products, you can be sure you are getting the best when you purchase doors from an Exclusive Wood Doors dealer.

When you are buying windows and doors for your home, you want to be sure that you get the strongest and most attractive products available. Knowing what credentials you should look for can help you do just that. If the dealer you choose lists the above credentials, you can be sure that you have made a good choice.