The Features of Korus Windows and Doors

If you are looking for top-quality windows and doors that are energy efficient and attractive, Korus Italian Windows and Doors has just what you need. Not only are Korus windows and doors

highly affordable, but they are also energy efficient and elegant with their unique Italian designs.korus_usa_logo

Sophistication and Elegance

When you choose Korus impact windows and doors for your home, you are adding sophistication and elegance that simply cannot be beat. Korus’ products are carefully manufactured in Italy and sent to Florida for professional assembling and glazing. The results are Korus USA windows and doors that offer the ultimate in aesthetic appeal and value for your home.
Unique Powder Coating

All Korus impact windows and doors are powder-coated with only the best and latest technology. What this means for you is a glossy, attractive finish that is much stronger than any traditional paint. Furthermore, all painting is done in compliance with AAMA directives using only environmentally-friendly methods.
Wood Trim Options

One of the best things about Korus USA windows and doors is that they come in a broad range of color options. In fact, even if you want a customized color, they will mix it for you. Their Venezia line also offers a unique dual-color option that you will not find anywhere else.
Arched Doors

Arched doors add a touch of elegance to any entryway. Unfortunately, they can also be hard to find. However, your search for attractive arched doors is over when you choose to purchase Korus windows and doors. Korus offers a large selection of eight foot-tall attractive aluminum arched doors at affordable prices.