Rethinking home protection

impact windows
Homeowners often think about installing a security system or buying a watchdog when it comes to protecting their home. Those are acceptable options and have their benefits. However, homeowners often overlook replacement storm windows, particularly impact resistant windows, when it comes to protecting their investment.

We all like to feel that our home is a secure place to escape from the dangers of the outside world. Installing replacement storm windows or adding new storm windows to your existing structure can add an extra, more durable barrier between your home and would-be intruders. In addition, newer and stronger house replacement windows can be especially important for your homes defense during a windstorm. With impact-resistant replacement windows, flying debris will not be able to enter your home and allow destructive wind and rain to follow.

Sometimes accidents happen. A child throws a baseball and hits your windows or a piece of furniture slips and causes a break while redecorating. Unlike traditional single-pane windows or older storm windows made of glass, impact-resistant replacement windows will not shatter if they are hit with an object. Because newer replacement windows, particularly impact-resistant ones, will merely exhibit a spider-web pattern when cracked, they will protect you and your loved ones from damaging flying glass.

You spend time and money making your home an inviting place to relax. Traditional single-pane windows, alone or covered with older storm windows, allow in damaging light rays that can harm interiors. Replacement windows or replacement storm windows admit sunlight but protect your flooring, furniture and artwork from damaging UV rays. Plus, house replacement windows can protect the value of your investment by adding a fresh look to the interior and exterior of an older home.