Protect your Business with Storm Doors and Windows

Storms don’t discriminate between homes and businesses when they unleash their destructive power. For this reason, business owners should consider providing their establishments with the same high-quality impact resistant doors and impact resistant replacement windows they place on their homes. Installing impact-resistant windows and doors can lead to substantial insurance discounts as well as added protection for a business. Regardless of style, size or location, these windows and doors are for homeowners as well as businesses.

Any sizewindow22

Just like homes, business windows and doors come in all shapes and sizes. Whether a business needs floor-to-ceiling glass doors or more standard metal frame doors, hurricane doors and windows can be customized to any specification. Business owners can feel confident knowing their investment is protected by impact resistant doors and impact resistant replacement windows that won’t shatter or blow in during a storm.
Any style

Each business reflects its style through its appearance. Business owners won’t have to sacrifice flair for storm protection. Ornate windows and doors as well as plain ones can be upgraded with impact-resistant products. Shop drawings can be created to help owners integrate storm doors and windows into a project. Stores dependent on big windows to bring in foot traffic as well as restaurants seeking the coziness of wood-framed windows and doors can find impact-resistant models to suit their needs.
Any location

Hurricane doors can be installed in any almost any facility. High- and mid-rise office buildings, restaurants, medical complexes, retail centers and shopping malls can benefit from the protection of impact-resistant products. These windows and doors repel crooks seeking entry just as they resist damage from storms. Plus, they can be tinted to ensure privacy or protect from harmful UV rays.
From new construction to replacement windows and doors for an existing structure, Alpha Windows and Doors is experienced with helping businesses protect and improve their facilities.