impact windows west palm beachImpact windows West Palm Beach are commonly used by homeowners and businesses to improve their deteriorating or less functional windows.  After all, West Palm Beach is in the coastal region of Florida and is prone to weather damage.

Hurricane and bad weather conditions are not the only threats to the city.  Burglary and break-ins are big concerns as well.  These key factors are the greatest motivation for residents and business owners to invest in reliable replacement windows in West Palm Beach as well as force resistant impact doors for West Palm Beach homes and commercial establishments as well.

Alpha Windows and Doors is a leading distributor of impact windows West Palm Beach as well as impact doors and is authorized to provide quality, dependable and top performing hurricane and burglary protection systems in in South Florida and surrounding areas.

West Palm Beach

One of the three primary cities in South Florida, West Palm Beach holds almost 100,000 residents and is part of the Palm Beach County.

The construction of the Palm Beach Air Force Base in the city was instrumental in the country’s war efforts during World War II.  Prior to that, West Palm Beach was devastated by one of the most notorious hurricanes ever to make landfall in the United States in 1928, the Okeechobee Category 4 Hurricane.

Today, West Palm Beach is a tourist destination or a quick weekend getaway for some with its crystal beaches, wild parks, nature tours, shopping strips, and recreational parks among others.

Impact Windows West Palm Beach

For a city that has witnessed and experienced a Category 4 hurricane devastate its homes and properties and take thousands of lives, the need for protection from hurricanes is paramount.

Replacement Windows in West Palm Beach are common as well as the installation of impact resistant windows on West Palm Beach homes and business establishments.  Sturdy impact doors at West Palm Beach are popular as well.   Needless to say, impact windows West Palm Beach customers are thriving.

Alpha Impact Windows with 20 years of experience and expertise as a preferred provider of hurricane protection systems in South Florida and neighboring towns and cities has been helping our West Palm Beach customers to ensure their homes’ and property’s utmost security and protection.

We have the best Replacement Windows in West Palm Beach installed by our trained mounting specialists.  We also have manufacturer-certified technicians to assist our customers with projects involving impact resistant windows for West Palm Beach homes and businesses.

Aside from being a distributor of industry approved impact windows West Palm Beach as well as impact doors for West Palm Beach customers, we are also a glass and glazing specialty distributor.  We work closely with homeowners, business owners as well as engineers, builders, and architects who value and use our products.

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