Hurricane Shutters Versus Impact Windows

Hurricane shutters being installed.
Impact windows perform a very important function, in that they protect your home, yourself and your family from the devastation created by severe weather. You may have heard of these types of windows but wonder whether they can perform better than hurricane shutters.

Pros and Cons of Hurricane Shuttershurricane_shutters

There are several advantages to choosing hurricane shutters to protect your home. For one thing, they are much cheaper than many high impact windows. They also offer a certain degree of protection from such things as high winds, wind-borne objects and ultraviolet rays.

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to hurricane shutters as well. First of all, they do not allow any light to come in your home when they are closed. Additionally, if windows are not securely fastened during severe weather or panes are not firmly affixed into the frame, the glass could very well still break. Finally, in some cases, shutters can be torn from your home during extremely severe weather.

Pros and Cons of Impact Windows

The best thing about impact windows is that they are completely shatterproof, even during the worst storms. They cannot be torn from your home as shutters can and will not shatter no matter what the circumstances may be. Impact windows also allow you to let light flow into your home, all the while protecting you from harmful UV rays.

Another great advantage to choosing impact windows is that they can significantly reduce the amount of outdoor noise that enters your home. They are also extremely energy efficient and can help you save loads of money on your power bills. Perhaps the only disadvantage to impact windows is that they cost more than shutters.

Nevertheless, with all of the money you will be saving on your power bills, your new impact windows will pay for themselves! Furthermore, you simply cannot place a value on the security of you and your loved ones. With that said, you can see that installing impact window into your home is a fantastic choice.