Hurricanes and burglaries are two of the toughest adversaries of impact windows in Vero Beach, Florida as well as impact doors.

But thanks to the men and women behind Alpha Impact Windows, the ultra-strong and reliable impact windows in Vero Beach including impact doors, manufactured and installed by our trusted company, had never failed in protecting our customers and their valued property.

Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Alpha Impact Windows has more than 20 years of experience in providing homeowners and businesses in Vero Beach, Florida the ultimate protection from catastrophic storms and other harsh weather conditions – as well as burglaries and life-threatening break-ins.

Vero Beach

A popular tourist attraction in the Indian River County of Florida, Vero Beach cradles more than 15,000 residents in its wings.  Nicknamed Hibiscus City, its beautiful beaches including South Beach are listed in Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Exciting adventures await tourists when they set out to explore the city’s beaches and recreational spots.  Popular activities include snorkeling, diving, surfing, glider riding, paddle boarding, ghost tours, fishing, visiting water parks, and enjoying golf courses.

But Vero Beach has already witnessed and lived through the ugly side of coastal living by bearing the impact of natural disasters through occasional visits from tropical storms and hurricanes.

In 2004, the city faced Hurricane Jeanne, one of the costliest storms ever to hit the state of Florida.

We protect Vero Beach

Alpha Impact Windows provides only the best quality impact windows in Vero Beach as well as impact doors that guarantee our customers the utmost protection from any destructive and harmful element that threatens to infiltrate their homes and businesses.

We have a team of licensed and trained installation staff that will ensure a smooth and efficient process of mounting impact windows for Vero Beach customers as well as for those requesting installation of our high-performance impact doors.

Our products guarantee not only the ultimate protection from hurricanes and storms as well as burglary, they will also reduce your energy consumption and your homeowners insurance charges which amount to huge savings and greater peace of mind over time.

Our expertly crafted impact windows for Vero Beach customers including our impact doors not only boast of strength and durability, they also have aesthetic appeal and well-crafted designs that will match your homes’ and businesses’ decorative schemes.

Alpha Impact Windows is committed to taking care of our customers and give them the superior customer service that they deserve.  Our helpful and friendly staff is easily accessible and always available to help you with your questions and installation concerns from beginning to end.  In fact, the Better Business Bureau has awarded our company an A rating for customer satisfaction.

We are prompt, accurate, and we never ever leave a job unfinished no matter how complex they may be.

For your installation and remodeling concerns involving our reliable and attractive impact windows for Vero Beach residents and businesses, please contact our offices and speak with our staff that will assist you with your needs.

For the best in South Florida (Vero Beach) window contracting, please call us at (877) 363-1682.