There is no better feeling than knowing that in the event of a dangerous storm hitting South Florida, our customers are safe through our meticulous installation of high quality impact windows in Sunrise, Florida as well as providing them with reliable impact doors.

Alpha Impact Windows is a trusted name in distributing and mounting hurricane protection systems in residential homes and commercial establishments in South Florida and neighboring areas. We have a huge customer base in the city of Sunrise that have benefited from the services we provide including the installation of storm resistant impact doors and impact windows for Sunrise residents and businesses.

After more than 20 successful years of being in the business as a distributor, we have earned the respect of our Sunrise customers who enjoy the protection, reliability and beauty of our hurricane protection products including our hurricane and burglary resistant impact doors and impact windows for Sunrise customers.


Sunrise.  A beautiful name fit for a beautiful city located in the central-western section of Broward County in the sunny state of Florida.  It’s a bustling section of the Miami metropolitan area holding approximately 90,000 residents.

It used to be called Sunrise Golf Village but was later renamed City of Sunrise.  Its shopping strips and entertainment hubs are its biggest selling points to tourists who flock regularly to enjoy its offerings.  However, despite its positive name, the city is a huge magnet for hurricanes.

Since 1930, the city has already experienced 76 hurricanes, the strongest of which were Inez in 1966 and just recently, in 2013, a storm named Dorian.

We protect Sunrise

Alpha Impact Windows is based in South Florida serving our customers within the area and those close to us so we fully understand the magnanimity and potential danger of a strong hurricane.  We live in Florida and we live through hurricanes, potential or actual, day in and day out.

We know the City of Sunrise is vulnerable and needs much protection from the storms and we stand side by side with the city in making sure our customers are safe, secure, and protected while battling these harsh and deadly weather conditions.

Alpha Impact Windows provides the most reliable hurricane protection systems including top notch storm resistant impact doors and impact windows for Sunrise residents and businesses.  We are authorized as specialists and experts in the production, construction, and installation of our storm protection systems.

As an added benefit, our impact doors and impact windows for Sunrise customers double as a burglary shield that will prevent intruders from entering their homes and other property.

Should you entrust your hurricane protection concerns to Alpha Impact Windows, you may consider our hurricane protection products as priceless investments that not only give you security and protection and that much-needed peace of mind, they also give you savings on energy, home insurance, and costly repairs for your homes and properties.

For the best in South Florida (Sunrise) window contracting, please call us at (877) 363-1682.