Impact Windows Make a Home Harder to Burglarize

A shattered window with traces of burglary.burglarized_window
Homeowners in Florida know how important having impact-resistant windows is in order to prevent hurricane damage, but these windows also enhance a home’s security. When you choose to replace your home’s existing windows with those that have been rated as impact-resistant, you keep out debris and burglars.

Resists Impact and Break-Ins

One of the most vulnerable spots around your home is the window. Burglars easily break into ordinary glass windows to lift the latch to open the window and slip inside to steal things from your home. If you can keep the thief from breaking the window in the first place, you will prevent a burglary of your property. One way to do this is to make it harder for an ordinary person to break one of your home’s windows. Impact-resistant windows are less likely to break when struck with an object, whether the wind or a criminal heaved the object against your windows.

A Frame Job

The frame that holds the windows in place makes a difference. Unlike standard windows, the frames of some impact-resistant windows are much sturdier, which means the point where the window meets the house is just as tough as the windows. With a more durable frame, a burglar will find that it becomes more difficult to use a crow bar to pull the window off the wall when he cannot break the impact-resistant glass in the window.

While installing a security system and outdoor lighting around your home can help prevent break-ins, impact-resistant windows help to protect the weakest portions of your home, your windows. If you are required to have these windows for hurricane protection on your Florida home, why not reap the added security benefits from them, too?