Understanding the importance of installing dependable impact doors and impact windows at Port St Lucie is a vital step in protecting lives, homes and commercial property for our valued customers in the city.

We at Alpha Impact Windows also understand the value of securing homes and property in the city through the proper acquisition and installation of reliable hurricane protection systems.

We are equipped and ready – backed by more than 20 years of extensive experience in the industry – as an authorized distributor of top quality impact doors and impact windows at Port St Lucie.

Port St. Lucie

A city with a huge population in the St. Lucie County in Florida, Port St. Lucie is home to almost 165,000 residents and is part of the Port St. Lucie Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area with a larger population of nearly half a million.

Just like any tourist attraction in Florida, Port St. Lucie boasts of vast golf courses, water recreational parks and beaches among other destinations.

And just like any other city in the state of Florida, Port St. Lucie has been ravaged by many hurricanes.  Some of the strongest and most dangerous ranging from Categories 2 to 3 that hit the city directly came in September 2004 (Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeanne) and October 2005 (Hurricane Wilma).

We Protect Port St. Lucie

For more than two decades now, Alpha Impact Windows has been an integral part of hurricane protection in Port St. Lucie.  By serving its residents and business owners with reliable and state of the art products including our dependable and storm resistant impact doors and impact windows for Port St Lucie customers, we have always stood with the city by preparing their homes and property to withstand harsh weather conditions and deadly storms that frequently visit the state of Florida.

Aside from being an authorized distributor of impact doors and impact windows for Port St Lucie, we are also a glass and glazing specialty contractor.  Additionally, we have impact door and impact window manufacturer-certified technicians and a great staff of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable customer service specialists in our team.

Alpha Impact Windows offers a variety of storm burglary resistant impact doors and impact windows for Port St Lucie customers and will help you from deciding the product that suits your needs all the way to their seamless and meticulous installation of our hurricane protection systems to your homes and commercial property.

They not only give protection from hurricanes and harsh weather, they also help in securing your homes from burglary or break-ins, give you savings through energy reduction, home insurance fee reduction, and enhance the beauty of your homes and businesses.

At Alpha Impact Windows, we want to do it right.  To facilitate great communication and to accommodate a variety of individuals seeking our products and services, we have a great team of customer specialists who speak German, Spanish, Hebrew, and English.

For the best in South Florida (Port St. Lucie) window contracting, please call us at (877) 363-1682.