While news about hurricanes and strong winds continue to rattle some, others do better at dealing with such natural calamities by preparing for them – just like the city of Lake Worth which installed protective impact doors and impact windows for Lake Worth homeowners and those with business establishments that need equal protection.

Alpha Impact Windows is the name trusted by South Florida and neighboring areas to give them the best products and services – such as strong impact doors and impact windows for Lake Worth residents and businesses – in battling the potential threat to homes and property in the city during unfavorable weather conditions.

With over 20 years of experience as a doors and windows specialist, our products and services are also employed by engineers, architects, developers, and builders, with the help of our window and door certified manufacturer technicians and our licensed installation and project specialists.

 Lake Worth

Lake Worth, a city included in the Palm Beach County of Florida, has a smaller population of at least 30,000 as compared to other cities in South Florida, and is an extension of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach metro area.

The city of Lake Worth goes by the motto “Where the Tropics Begin”.  True enough, the city is tropical paradise to those who love its beaches and water parks where they go paddling and kayaking to their hearts’ content.  The city also has major golf courses, dining establishments, and a thriving night life.

In 1928, Lake Worth was ravaged by a devastating hurricane which caused enormous damage to the city affecting its economy particularly during the Great Depression.

We Protect Lake Worth

Lake Worth is one of the cities that come to Alpha Impact Windows for its hurricane protection system needs and concerns and has many of our valued and loyal customers specifically availing of our storm resistant impact doors and impact windows in Lake Worth for their homes and businesses.

Although we are an authorized and trusted distributor of impact doors and impact windows in Lake Worth, we also offer many other services to our customers.  We are a glass and glazing specialty contractor, we provide the expertise and services of our manufacturer-certified technicians for impact doors and impact windows in Lake Worth, and we closely deal with architects, engineers, and developers to provide the products and services they need for their respective building purposes.

Aside from hurricanes, our hurricane protection systems can withstand any impact that may be caused by burglary and break-ins.  It’s an added protection for your homes and businesses even without any threats posed by natural calamities so you can enjoy the benefits of your hurricane protection investment even more.  Additional benefits our satisfied customers are happy about include reduction of homeowners’ insurance fees and energy efficiency.

The team of Alpha Impact Windows is reliable, friendly, and professional.  We assure you a world-class customer service and expert installation of our high quality products to your homes and businesses.

For the best in South Florida (Lake Worth) window contracting, please call us at (877) 363-1682.