Impact windows in Coconut Creek as well as impact doors are not uncommon in the city.  Residential buildings, homes and commercial establishments in Coconut Creek owned by people who want to protect their properties from hurricanes and other destructive and life-threatening forced intrusions are equipped with them.

Alpha Impact Windows is an authorized distributor of impact windows in Coconut Creek including impact doors – and we provide our top of the line hurricane protection systems and installation expertise to our customers in South Florida and other neighboring areas.

Alpha Impact Windows has customers in different locations in South Florida including the city of Coconut Creek and we pride ourselves with our commitment to ensure world-class customer care for every project, small or big, simple or complex, that we embark on particularly during the installation of impact doors and impact windows in Coconut Creek.

Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek is home to the biggest butterfly aviary in the world with almost 5,000 butterflies from more than 75 species and has aptly earned the name Butterfly Capital of the World.  The early developers of the area gave the city its name – Coconut Creek – from the coconut trees planted in the city by its early developers.

Part of the Broward County in Florida, Coconut Creek has nearly 53,000 residents.

The city is also listed as one of the highest risk zones for hurricanes having gone through 79 hurricanes already since 1930.  In fact, the home page of Coconut Creek’s website is filled with emergency phone numbers, helpful tips, and steps and guidelines to follow during catastrophic storms and hurricanes.  The biggest storm ever to hit the city happened in 1886.  The most recent superstorm named Dorian wreaked havoc in Coconut Creek and much of South Florida in 2013.

We protect Coconut Creek

Alpha Impact Windows has been a trusted name in hurricane protection systems for more than 20 years now and has been a preferred provider of reliable, storm resistant impact doors and impact windows in Coconut Creek.

We are an authorized distributor of impact doors and impact windows in Coconut Creek, providing our products and installation services through our team of licensed and skilled installation staff and friendly and knowledgeable customer service crew.  We also have a team of manufacturer-certified technicians and specialists to help you with your hurricane protection concerns whether you’re in the initial planning stages or ready to start the installation process.

Our durable impact doors and impact windows for Coconut Creek customers are guaranteed to protect you, your family, loved ones, and property including homes and businesses from dangerous hurricanes that visit our state on a regular basis and the equally unforeseen burglary or break ins that unfortunately happen in various neighborhoods.

We have a variety of designs and options in terms of form and functionality to choose from to ensure you are getting the best product to suit your preferences with regard to aesthetics and other safety concerns.

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