impact doors miamiImpact doors Miami are not just functional, they are also stylish.

Protective impact resistant doors Miami have evolved to add an aesthetic value as much as provide security.  Not surprisingly, hurricane resistant doors in Miami are growing in number.

Alpha Impact Windows is a leading, favored and authorized distributor of high impact doors Miami with customers located in South Florida and surrounding areas.  Aside from homeowners and commercial establishment owners, we also provide products and services to engineers, builders, and architects in the region who trust our dedication to quality, knowledge, and world class customer service especially during the installation process.


Miami goes by many names including “Magic City” and “The Gateway to the Americas”.  It’s also a favorite setting for television shows that feature the city’s beautiful beaches, the busy metropolis, social problems, rich lifestyle, and the people’s electrifying energy.

With almost half a million residents, the populous city in the Atlantic coast is the most crowded in the Miami metropolitan area.   It is one of the leaders in the industries of finance, commerce, media, entertainment, and culture among others and was also ranked by a UBS study in 2009 as the richest city in the United States.

The city of Miami was devastated during the 1926 Miami hurricane, one of the costliest natural calamities ever to hit the United States.  It also faced Hurricane Andrew in 1992, another notoriously destructive hurricane believed to be the costliest hurricane to have ever made landfall in the country.  It destroyed more than 25,000 homes and damaged almost 100,000 residences and commercial establishments in the city.

Impact Doors Miami

Alpha Impact Windows, an expert and trusted name in the hurricane protection systems industry, has been providing hurricane resistant doors in Miami for more than 20 years now and we have our customers’ positive testimonials to illustrate our success.

We provide top performing impact resistant doors for Miami customers – homeowners and businesses – that provide protection from hurricanes and other harsh weather conditions as well as security from burglary and break-ins.  Both can potentially incur damages that are costly and life-threatening.

Additionally, Alpha Impact Windows is a glass and glazing contractor aside from being a top choice for the selection and installation of high impact doors among Miami customers.

We provide a team of trained, knowledgeable, licensed, professional, and manufacturer-certified staff to guide you through your project including performing the meticulous, accurate, and seamless installation of our reliable and high quality impact doors Miami.

Aside from providing and mounting our top of the line hurricane resistant doors in Miami, we’ll also take care of permits required in your locations.  We guarantee that your project, at any level of completion, will be finished within your desired timeline.

Call our Customer Service Specialist to discuss more about your concerns regarding impact doors Miami and you will be assisted every step of the way.

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