Insect screen.

A close-mesh woven screening material of metal, plastic, or fiberglass for a window or door screen, to block the entry of insects but permit light, air, and vision through the screen.


Insulating Glass Unit (IGU)

Typical configuration of glass in a window, door or skylight frame, consisting of two (or more) pieces of glass held apart with a spacer and hermetically sealed to form a single glazed unit with one or more air spaces in between. Also called double glazing or dual pane.


Impact resistant glass

Laminated glass holds even when it is shattered. It is held in place by a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer between multiple layers of glass. Unlike typical glass, impact-resistant glass does not break up into larger, sharper pieces. Instead, a spider web pattern of cracks will form. This form of glass is typically used in skylight glazing and automobile windshields. In regions where hurricane-resistant construction is necessary, impact glass can be installed in exterior storefronts, curtain-walls and doors and windows. Moreover, the PVB interlayer in impact glass increases sound insulation and blocks 99% of transmitted UV light.


Integral fin

Nailing fin protruding from the extrusion that is part of the extrusion (as opposed to an add-on fin). Is centered on a window or a door (front to back) and extends 1-1/8″ beyond the unit measurement.


Interior glazes

Glazing installed from inside of building.