impact-doors-for-protectionChoosing the Safest Door for Your Home

Front doors of a Florida home.
When it’s time to buy a new door for your home, don’t limit yourself to price points and styles. You also want to choose doors that are solid, secure, and safe. The right door will keep the weather out, help deter intruders and add visual appeal to your home.
Solid Construction

The best doors for your home are either solid wood, or they’re crafted out of steel or fiberglass over solid frames. These doors are better at blocking the weather, including high winds and driving rains. If someone tries to kick the door in, solid doors will withstand the force of the kick and keep the intruder out. Pair the doors with a special metal plating on the doorjamb that transfers the energy from the kick into the framework of the home to help keep the door tightly shut.
Interior Doors Matter

You don’t just need solid doors on the exterior of the home. You also want them on your interior doorways. If a hurricane comes through and blows out the windows in a bedroom, you need to be able to shut off that room and protect the rest of the house. If you have poorly constructed, hollow-core doors, the high winds will blow the door out and leave your home interior unprotected. However, solid wood doors can better withstand the high winds to help protect your family.
You’ll have a great deal to choose from as you look at styles and colors. Finding the right look is a very personal choice, but you may want to rethink your desire to have your door fitted with glass panels. Glass can be broken by an intruder to facilitate entry, or it can be blown out in a storm by high winds and flying objects. If safety and security are at the top of your list, then you may want to skip the windows.