Florida´s Best – TM Windows and Doors

is a South Florida window and door manufacturer for more than 40 years. Florida´s Best – TM Windows and Doors is a family business serving the community with hurricane resistant windows and doors at affordable prices. Florida´s Best – TM Windows and Doors are available throughout South Florida and offers many advantages.

Florida´s Best – TM Windows and Doors Frame features:

Frame firmness:

  • Lowest protection – Wood frame
  • Mid Range protection – Vinyl with steel reinforcement
  • Best Available protection – Aluminum frame

Frame thickness: 1/4″ inch aluminum reinforcement in all load bearing areas.

  • Frame depth: Frame sills are at least 3 inches high. High sill protects the replacement windows from water that collects at the base, to penetrate your residence.
  • Double sealed frame corners with gaskets and acrylic sealer.
  • T-6 Alloy aluminum prevents the frame from bowing and twisting during installation.
  • Extruded glass stop.
  • Double non-corrosive reinforcement.

Florida´s Best – TM Windows and Doors Glass features:

  • Annealed – Basic clear glass commonly used in replacement windows and doors.
  • Heat strengthened / Tempered glass – Heated annealed glass improves its strength properties. Heat treated glass is 2 times stronger than annealed glass, tempered glass is 4 times stronger.
  • Laminated glass – Used in all Impact Florida´s Best windows and doors. Laminated glass made of 2 pieces of annealed glass and structurally bonding a special plastic resin between 2 pieces of glass.
  • Florida´s Best glass lamination uses two different lamination materials (depends on design pressure required for your residence): PVB – Polyvinyl Butyral resin used in openings with design pressure up to 90 pound, SGP – Sentry Glass Plus-inoplast provides stronger protection, over 90 pounds design pressure.

Florida´s Best – TM Windows and Doors General features:

  • Weather stripping – Double sided weather stripping provides extra barrier between moveable parts of the replacement windows and doors.
  • Windows and doors hardware – Stainless steel slide door rollers are the best for South Florida climate. Contained spring system used for opening replacement windows.Florida´s Best – TM
  • Windows and Doors Product: • Single Hung windows – Economical hurricane impact windows available in variety of sizes.
  • Casement windows – Residential window gives incredible eye appeal and ventilation. Available with concealed or exposed butt hinges. Available in variety of sizes.
  • Fixed windows – Non operating inexpensive window used to bring in daylight.
  • Horizontal Sliding window – Most economical replacement windows to fill in large openings that require multiple windows. 4″ high sill protects from water penetration.
  • Designer Shaped windows – Available in 12 plus geometric shapes. Unlimited patterns.
  • Sliding doors – Available in 20 different configurations, stainless steel hardware, heavy duty box screen. 9/16 Heat strength glass. 2 point stainless steel mortis lock with tear drop shaped pull handle.
  • Swinging French door – Attractive lock, available with optional 9″ high bottom rail, single or double door, variety of sizes.

Base frame finish options: White / Bronze
Custom frame finish options: Kynar finish in any color / Silver (Anodized frame)
Base glass color: Clear
Glass color options: Tinted / Low E / Opaque / Reflective
Glass tint options: Bronze / Gray / Green

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