DAB Garage Door Systems

DAB Garage door systems are designed to minimize damage to property from extreme windstorms and flying debris. DAB Garage Doors are made with outstanding performance and appearance. Approved by Miami-Dade strict building code. DAB Garage door systems are engineered with a structurally reinforced load-component concealed within the perimeter of each door section.

DAB Garage door systems features:

• Able to withstand the intense pushing and pulling effects of extreme wind over 150 mph.
• 16′ wide doors meet most building codes without additional reinforcement.
• Structural reinforcement system eliminates bulky reinforcement beams to maximize garage space,
and still keeping door from sagging and bowing.
• To meet strictest wind codes, 2-1/4” U-Bars can be added where required.
• DAB Garage Doors are custom made to fit any non-standard opening up to 18’2” wide.
• Heavy-gauge steel sheathing resistant to flying debris.
• Rolled-form joints between door sections improve overall resistance.
• Steel tracks supported with anchoring brackets for extra support.
• Raised and flush panels designed with detailed wood grain texture for good looks and
long lasting beauty.DAB Garage Door Systems has made a reputation for itself in the industry.
• Maintenance-free system due to flexible baked-on White or Almond colored polyester top-coat.

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