Custom Windows and Doors

Custom Windows and Doors has been in operation since 1986 and is known for producing top-quality windows and doors for both commercial and residential use. Located in Ocala, Florida, CWD produces aluminum and vinyl products that are shipped throughout the southeastern part of the U.S.

Why Choose Custom Windows and Doors?

If you are looking for top-quality, custom impact windows and doors, you may be confused by all of the choices available,

There are many reasons to choose Custom Windows and Doors including:

• ENERGY STAR Approved
• Meets Stringent Building Requirements in Florida
• Caring Customer Service Team
• Energy Efficient
• Engineered to Meet High Design Pressures
• Extensive Warranties
• AAMA and NFRC Certified
• UV Ray and Hurricane Protection
• Reduced Insurance Rates
• Sound Reduction
• Safe and Secure
• Meets or Exceeds Green Building Standards
• Low-Maintenance Glass

Products Offered by Custom Windows and Doors

• WindPact Plus Large Missile Impact Windows
• Standard Single Hung Windows
• Standard Double Hung Windows
• Oriel Single Hung Windows
• Tombstone Single Hung Windows
• Horizontal Slider Windows
• Slide-Picture-Slide Windows
• Casement Window
• Awning Windows
• Picture Windows
• Vinyl Frame Sliding Glass Doors
• Aluminum Frame Sliding Glass Doors
• Secure-Plus Windows in Aluminum or PVC
• Standard Impact Patio Doors

Custom Windows and Doors – General Features

• Interior Frame Window Color Options – White, Adobe, Bronze, Dark Oak, Natural Cherry and Medium Maple
• Exterior Frame Window Color Options – White, Bronze, Clear Anodize, Macore, Golden Oak and Black Cherry
• Laminated Insulated Glass
• Multi-Cavity Construction
• Fusion Welded Frame and Sash
• No Tilt Options
• Non-Corrosive Materials
• Heat-Strengthened Glass
• Picture Window Options – Trapezoid, Half Circle, Quarter Circle, Elliptical, Eyebrow, Oval, Gothic, Tombstone, Doghouse, Fan, Full Circle, Octagon and Hexagon
• Door Handle Options – Standard, Satin Nickel Olympus, Flush Mount, Sigma and Omega
• Vinyl Frame Sliding Glass Door Color Options – White, Adobe and Two-Tone Bronze
• Aluminum Frame Sliding Glass Door Color Options – White, Adobe and Bronze
• Standard Impact Patio Door Color Options – White, Adobe, Solid Bronze and Two-Tone Bronze
If you would like to learn more about custom impact windows and doors offered by CWD, be sure to visit their homepage at