What do most hurricane shutter companies not want you to know?

Window and Door Benefits

Most Hurricane Shutter Companies are in the Business to Sell Shutters.
But, are shutters the best choice to protect your family?

If your home was built before 1998, your windows and doors, more than likely, do not meet the current code requirements. According to the new building codes, even a non-impact window – the standard glass window or door – has to pass a wind-load test. This test demonstrates a door or window’s ability to withstand the changing wind pressures created by a hurricane. However, one thing to remember is these standard items will not be able to withstand an impact of any wind-blown debris. This is why shutters are required to be installed over this type of non-impact window.

If you are considering a company that only sells hurricane shutters, storm panels, accordion shutters or roll up shutters, they will sell them to you no matter what kind of windows you may have. However, something we would like you to remember, their priority to just sell you shutters is quite different from your desire to safely protect your family.

Another thing you might not be aware of is, in the event of a hurricane,shutters are not designed to hold back the incredible wind pressure that is being forced onto your windows or doors.


Windows and doors play a crucial role in maintaining the building envelope of a structure – the structural integrity of your home. A broken window can easily be the trigger for a massive destruction of a structure, both inside and out, during sustained hurricane-force winds.

When high-speed winds have unfettered access to a home’s interior, they create a dramatic difference between inside and outside air pressures. When this occurs, the air pressures reach a critical stage, and the structural members holding the home together can be weakened. A devastating breach like this can affect with the roof – one of the most wind-vulnerable sections – breaking it apart or losing it in its entirety.