Armor Screen

Armor screen is a transparent Hurricane protection that is easy to set up, lightweight shutters that are strong enough to protect your house from wind, rain and flying debris. Armor’s screen unique design gives protection without blocking the day light and view outside.

• Armor screen can be fit to cover almost any opening including porches, car ports, balconies and other big open areas.

• Can be used as daily sun screening and wind reduction.

• During hurricane wind-driven rain, Armor screen will protect windows and doors from water and penetration, reduction by 95%.

• Screens can be easily set up by 1 person for less than an hour in a single family house.

• Armor screen is maintenance-free.

• Miami-Dade building code approved and can be installed on any building.

• Armor flexible abatement system screens are made of lightweight fabric which is 95% solid and 5% porous.

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