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  • Alpha Windows and Doors is a name synonymous with impact windows in Florida.
  • For nearly 20 years, we have installed impact doors and windows in Florida homes and commercial properties.
  • Our team has worked hard to earn the trust of homeowners, architects and developers throughout South Florida.
  • As hurricane resistant doors & windows specialists, our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for being honest, reliable, and professional.
  • We offer only the latest, cutting edge technologies in the industry of impact windows and impact resistant doors. This allows us to provide clients with operating systems that run smooth, incorporating strength in materials, durability and design innovation.
  • Our impact resistant windows and storm proof doors are a beautiful complement to any residential or commercial building.

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Impact Windows in Florida

Are You Really Prepared For The Next Hurricane?

Preparing for hurricanes is practically a way of life for Floridians. Without hurricane resistant doors installed, the typical routine goes like this: boarding up your home, stocking up on batteries, canned goods, water and other supplies, and then waiting for the storm to pass while sitting in the dark and humidity is all part of the all too familiar “hurricane countdown.” Now, before you continue reading – stop and consider something for a moment. Before the next hurricane season is upon us, without storm proof windows, do you truly feel protected with your home’s current windows and doors?

Is there a chance that your family could be vulnerable against flying debris caught in a hurricane’s strong winds?

Your family’s heart and spirit dwell in your home, and years of precious memories are created and kept safe within. This is why it is our passion to provide storm proof windows to South Florida communities. To protect your family is just as paramount to our team as it is to you. It is only natural to assume that your home’s windows and doors will hold up during a natural disaster, but are you trained to really determine if they are installed properly by looking at them? Do you know the critical details to look out for?

You need an assessment of a professional installer of storm proof doors and windows

You can’t be sure you’re protected without the assessment of a professional installer of storm proof doors and windows. When Alpha Windows and Doors is on the job, there is never any doubt that you are safe. Whenever we are installing hurricane resistant doors and windows, our team approaches each project with a sense of ownership and pride in our workmanship that you can count on. It is this trust that we have earned that is the very foundation of the long-lasting relationships we have built and maintained with all of our customers. We humbly encourage you to browse our website and take a look through the varied selection of impact windows, impact resistant doors and other hurricane protection products we carry and install. Rest assured that every product is designed to pass all of Florida’s stringent building codes. These products and materials are strong, elegant, and go above and beyond your expectations for protecting your home when a hurricane comes.